Water Based Pigment Dispersion

Water-based Pigment Dispersion

Applications for our water-based pigment dispersions include general industries like

- Non-Woven textile Dope dying
- Agricultural Compounds DAP Coating
- Car Wash Soap & Detergents
- Fertilizer Coating
- Latex Coating
- Inks & Coating
- Adhesive Dyes & Pigment Dispersions
- Pesticide Colourants
- Seed Coating
- Paint- Graphic
- Paper Coating

Water-Based Pigment Dispersion

a pigment dispersion company that manufactures and supplies

water-based pigment dispersions with customized compatibility to enhance product performance.


Water-based pigment dispersions are used instead of dyes in applications which require opacity, light stability and/or thermal stability. Pigments are particles and are generally more opaque than dyes, although some of our dispersions can be manufactured to be transparent.


Recommended applications for our water-based pigment dispersions include

general industrial like,


Ø Non-Woven textile Dope dying

Ø Agricultural Compounds DAP Coating

Ø Car Wash Soap & Detergents

Ø Fertilizer Coating

Ø Latex Coating

Ø Inks & Coating

Ø Adhesive Dyes & Pigment Dispersions

Ø Pesticide Colorants

Ø Seed Coating

Ø Paint

Ø Graphic - Paper Coating

Ø Paper coating        


A key role is hereby played by the carbon black pigments which need to fulfill the following requirements:


Ø Excellent dispensability and dispersion stability

Ø Filterability / Stability

Ø High purity & High Colour strength


The proper dispersion of a carbon black pigment is arguably the most challenging step in producing a high quality Pigment Black. We have developed in-depth knowledge of dispersing technologies, and colloidal chemistry essential to produce stable, dispersed particles these technologies are based on efficient Wetting, Milling, Shearing and making a right quality pigment using Electrostatic & Satirical stabilization techniques.

Our goal is to ensure our customers for a Superior quality product which give better results in final product.


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